A downloadable game for Windows and Android

(New Release!) 

Play as Zolada or Crypto, battle for survival, on a quest to save their planet & their race from the evil Zion's aliens. Beyond Earth’s solar system, Zion was a peaceful planet. It later became divided, due to fracking, corruption, & cloning. Those who were good, in secret, built a mothership & left Zion, in search for a better planet to live on. They found Plumus, later Zion started having issues... quakes, & explosions erupted on the planet. Zion aliens panicked, & hacked in, beaming aboard their mothership, killing some of the good aliens by surprise. Crypto & Zolada must fight, in order to regain their planet back.


Alien Wars BattleFront.exe 58 MB
Alien Wars BattleFront.apk 63 MB

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