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The year is 2042, warp drive is now possible! The U.S Air Force and N.A.S.A are working together to find a planet that is suitable for supporting life. Earth, is in its middle stages of collapsing, due to ozone deterioration of years of pollution. People on Earth are tanning more, oxygen levels are depleting, the north and south poles are melting, causing oceans to rise and flooding continents. People are at panic, and WWIII is happening now, because of shortages of clean drinking water and food. If the X-1 does not find a new planet for the people on Earth soon. Earth will explode! Click on the Amazon link below, to download MC Games to your Android device.

Update 6/17/18 Note: Due to Google apps running in the background crashes may occur. Please press the "Home" button, to deactivate you're wifi to fix issue, then resume play, thank you.

Install instructions

Size: 16MB

Version: 2.0.1

Application Permissions:

Open network sockets

Minimum Operating System: Android 2.1


Fighter X-1.apk 16 MB

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