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(NEW!) Mover Maze Quest Demo: You must save you're friends & escape Marley's maze of traps.

Alien Wars Matching: Face the space battle challenge. Match several blocks in a row, to gain a high score, before time runs out. Good Luck!

Ninja Star Quest for the Cursed Swords: Play Yasuhisa Shiozaki, a warrior trying to change his fate for the better. He must embark on a quest, to restore three curse swords back to their shrines,  to bring piece to the land, it's people, and restore honor to his family.

Game Attack 2: Play Asteroid Field, save the alien planet, before asteroids hit it. Play Trench Battle, save the hubs in and away from the trench, before their destroyed by bombs from the alien ships. Play Shooting Range, move through the maze, shooting robots and bombs to make your way to the green building at the end of the maze. All three stages require current number of points to play.

Dreambow Math: Dreambow must answer 7 out of 10 math questions correctly to win the game. You can play add, subtract, divide, and multi. Dreambow must be aware of cannon fire while moving across the field, otherwise he will lose life. You also must watch out for the time. If time runs out, you will lose.

Gray Tower Matching: (NEW) Garr must move through the castle. This time, he is faced with a challenge of strategy. Must match as many blocks as he can, to gain a large score, before time runs out. Good Luck!

Gray Tower The Return of Maze: Garr must move through the castle once again, to face Maze who has survived. Maze wants that Magic Flute, and he will stop at nothing to get it, and then he can control time. Destroy Maze, before he kills you Garr, and controls time forever.

Open Target Practice Shot: Practice your skills, to be the best shot. You can choose four different police officers.

Dark Awakening: You fight to survive and escape War Lock's dungeon, while freeing prisoners who don't deserve to be lockup. Pickup keys, food, and magic, while battling guards and monsters that roam the dungeon.

Mover Air Hockey: Mover is bounce around from one platform to the other, against the computer. Gain a score of 7 to beat the game. Press the reset button to restart level. Good Luck!

Mover Block Smash!: Mover must bounce on blocks and destroy them to move to the next level. Watch out for fireballs, slugs, and angry fish that can take away your life. Collect health and watch out for the time. If time runs out, game over for you.

Open Target: A band of drug gangs have teamed up, to fight the cops, and to save their hot spot drug businesses, surrounding the city. Max must take them out at all cost, while waiting for backup to arrive.

Gray Tower Card Memory: Try to get the lowest number of Flip Attempts, and once all cards are turned over, you win. Be careful, you have the time against you, and if you play extreme mode, you will have to worry about your life as well.

Tank 57 Brother's Revenge: Five years has past since the last battle. Now that Mind Game is dead, his brother, Code name: Shadow Storm wants revenge. Tank 57 and his team will take on another battle to end this war...once and for all.

Mover Advance: Take on the adventure and save your friends from the evil Sparks, before he eats them alive.

Dreambow Maze: Warp in and save your friends inside the maze before time runs out. Pickup health, time, gems,explosives and weapons. Watch out for enemies and your friends.

Fighter X-1: The year is 2042, warp drive is now possible! The U.S Air Force and N.A.S.A are working together to find a planet that is suitable for supporting life. Earth, is in its middle stages of collapsing, due to ozone deterioration of years of pollution. People on Earth are tanning more, oxygen levels are depleting, the north and south poles are melting, causing oceans to rise and flooding continents. People are at panic, and WWIII is happening now, because of shortages of clean drinking water and food. If the X-1 does not find a new planet for the people on Earth soon. Earth will explode!

Dreambow Sports: Play Dreambow when he is not fighting bad guys and warping from one place to another. Play with your friends, on your home planet playing Volleyball, Dodgeball and Kickball.

Angry Cats & Birds: Destroy all the birds hiding around by throwing cats at them.

Veg Ninja: Slash all the veggies that are thrown up in the air.

Game Attack: Play three games in one. Protect the city while bombs are coming down. Protect the mother ship while space ships shoot at it. Protect yourself and shoot monsters from the ceiling and moving robots in the background.

Install instructions

Size: 27.7 MB, Version: 7, Minimum Operating System: Android 2.1



MC GAMES Native.apk 8 MB

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